The Daily Dose – Vomit AND diarrhea?! 

The stomach bug. Viral gastroenteritis. OH GOD IM DYING! 
Those are three of the most common names for one of the most contagious viruses known to humans. Norovirus
Another one of those names could be … WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS AND YOU PROBABLY WON’T GET IT virus …
There is a subtle hint as to how to avoid getting this nasty bug. I break down a bit more about Norvirus, how to avoid it and what to do if you have it in today’s Daily Dose!
P.s. – I want to hear your best puke, diarrhea stories. Like that time I shit on myself in my car … 

Author: AskTheNP

I'm your personal Nurse Practitioner! Doesn't matter what your question is about health, you are gonna get a clear, easy-to-understand, no bullshit answer from me. We ALL have stuff we are too scared to ask our doctor, and guess what - now you don't have to. Just "Ask The NP" and I promise to keep it casual, keep it real and keep it all about YOU!

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