The Daily Dose – Is exercise killing your libido? 

You are bombarded with the message every day. EXERCISE MORE! It’s great for your heart. It’s great for your brain. It’s great for your butt. But is too much if it bad for your sex drive?

Some new research is suggesting that maybe too much exercise is why we aren’t banging everyday like we want to be. But what is too much? And why might too much exercise be screwing with our … well … screwing?

The Daily Dose – Best cure for menstrual cramps ever! 

Bringing life into the world is an amazing gift. All the other shit you have to deal with to make that happen, is certainly not.

Like your cramps. Holy hell. Ladies, I’m sorry you have to deal with that mess. There is absolutely no reason that you should go through life-altering, vomit-inducing, rage-provoking abdominal pain just because your uterine lining decides to recycle itself every 28-ish days.

But the survival of our species thanks you for your sacrifice. Seriously. So in return, there is an all natural and FREAKING AWESOME way to help you relieve said pain.
Grab your partner, or favorite toy, or favorite hand, click play below and get to relieving some cramps!

The Daily Dose – Guess who’s having lots of sex and not using condoms? 

Condom sales and use are down BIG TIME for one very specific, very sexually active age group. And no one is able to pin down EXACTLY why. Advances in treatment of STDs and HIV? Laziness? Complacency? Anarchy?

I have my thoughts, but I really wanna know your thoughts feel good family. I break down this disturbing trend in today’s Daily Dose!

The Daily Dose – New laundry pod danger! 

The dangers of household items for our kids and pets is nothing new. But as technology and innovation for those everyday household products change, so do the dangers for our kids.

Laundry pods are a unique way to give you the perfect amount of detergent per load, are quick and easy to use, and in many ways cost effective. But they also pose a unique danger to your kids and pets!
Those colorful little pods look and smell just like candy to a kid or pet. And guess what? They are likely to gobble them up just like candy, too. BIG TIME DANGER!
But now some reports are saying pods are causing eye burns when they burst and get in your kid’s eye, potentially causing serious damage to their vision.
So what can you do if pods get in the eye of you, your kids, or your pets? I tell you how to act and who to call in today’s Daily Dose!