Can I get pregnant if I’m already pregnant?

Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? The type of question that super annoying girl from 7th grade sex-ed class would ask. But super-annoying girl was on to something. And the already embarrassed PE teacher who was forced to teach you the birds and the bees was instantaneously more embarrassed … and probably wrong.

The Daily Dose – How you can fight the #1 killer of women 

The Daily Dose – Tomorrow is Nation Wear Red Day. I happen to love red and wear it all the time. But tomorrow it means MUCH more than just looking cute. It’s a day to recognize and bring awareness to heart disease in women.
Which happens to be the number one killer of women in the United States. And Mexico. And Abu Dhabi. And Nairobi. And India. And Kazakhstan. And …
Heart disease is the number one killer of everyone in the world. But for some reason, it’s much less “sexy” to talk about than other (also very deadly) conditions.
So even though you can find a video of me from October talking about how I’m not a fan of the “pinkification” of breast cancer for multiple reasons … I am a HUGE fan of bringing any sort of awareness we can to women and heart disease. So I’m wearing read tomorrow damnit!
Because all too often we under-treat and misdiagnose heart disease in women. Unfortunately, most of the research on heart disease, signs and symptoms, treatments, etc. has all been done in white men. It is only in the last 20 years that we have good (and improving) data about heart disease in women. 
Awareness is key, but action is even better. I break down steps you can take immediately to prevent the number one killer of women (and EVERYONE) in today’s Daily Dose!
Go Red for Women! (
Women and Heart Disease Fact Shee (
A Silent Threat to Women’s Hearts That Many Don’t Recognize

The Daily Dose – Is your cat causing your PMS? 

The Daily Dose – From the files of “this research makes absolutely no sense” comes the latest suggestion as to why, ladies, some of you suffer from homicidal-rage-inducing PMS. 

Your cat. 

Maybe you should re-think this cat lady thing? KIDDING! Seriously though, researches in Mexico have isolated a parasite that is transmitted from cats to humans. Or from poop to humans. Or from basically any other animal to humans. But domestically – blame it on the cat. 

More specifically, the researchers believe that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) could be triggered by this nasty bastard parasite. 

PMDD is characterized by the typical abdominal cramping, back pain, bloating, fatigue, etc. from your normal PMS … then, tack on severe mood swings, anxiety, depression. Ladies, I seriously don’t envy you.

This parasite also is thought to trigger schizophrenia, personality and behavior changes, and even vision changes. So yeah, there’s that. 

So do you I have to get rid of my cat? Nope, but you might have to start doing one simple thing to avoid contracting the parasite, or passing it on to others (hint: most of us are already infected, but our immune systems keep it at bay. Watch the video to help make sure it stays that way … )

Toxoplasma gondii infection, from predation to schizophrenia: can animal behavior helps us understand human behavior? (Journal of Experimental Bioloyg – super boring article for you research nerds)

How your cat is making you crazy (The Atlantic)

Toxoplasmosis (The Mayo Clinic)
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