The Daily Dose- An Aspirin a day now keeps the cancer away?

Aspirin has clear and proven benefits for reducing heart disease and stroke. In fact, you should keep some old school, uncoated aspirins with you at all times in case you or someone you know is having the big one. But now some scientists are suggesting that Aspirin may actually help prevent cancer, too. WTF?

The Daily Dose – Anxiety is a bitch. 

Having anxiety sucks. Speaking of anxiety … as I write this, I’m sitting in the jury waiting room in downtown LA where the lovely people who work for the state of California will decide whether or not I get to go back to work or decide that I have to take part in the time honored tradition of serving on a jury of peers for our oh-so-flawed-criminal justice system…Let’s just be real about this. In a society where we are constantly bombarded with information on our phones, requests for our time, and demands of our energy – It’s no wonder that millions of people deal with anxiety on a daily basis.

In fact, just last weekend I was a complete crabby asshole to my partner because I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed about work, life, feeling fat, my socks, Trump, the thing growing in the back of my car, ya know – the usual. And instead of dealing with it in a really positive way (like I explain in the video) I just took it out on him. Later I apologized, we had some vegan Mexican food and a few too many margaritas and all was well with the world. But there were better ways that I could have handled my anxiety. And not everyone is so lucky to have as patient a partner as I do.

Let me clear. When I talk about anxiety, I’m not talking about the type of anxiety that cripples you and makes you unable to lead a functioning life. I happen to have members of my family and very close friends who deal with anxiety on a much deeper level than the average person. Some of my peeps have been through cognitive behavioral therapy, weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) sessions with their therapists, and are on multiple medications just to get through the same bullshit we all have to get through on the daily. 

And there is no shame whatsoever in having this kind of disorder. It’s part of the reason we talk about mental health so much on Ask The NP, because we have to end the stigma that surrounds mental health. But in this video, I highlight five ways that those of us who just have sort of every day run-of-the-mill anxiety can deal with it without thinking that Xanax is the only solution

The Daily Dose – Gay men and slut shaming … not a good look

The Daily Dose –Slut shaming. “The action or fact of stigmatizing a woman for engaging in behavior judged to be promiscuous or sexually provocative.”
I’m stealing this term and applying it to our community, gay men. Because we are every bit as guilty of slut shaming. Maybe even more so. 
Your catty, backhanded, snarky comments about that slutty guy at the party actually sets us back as a community. Stop doing it. You aren’t helping him, you aren’t helping yourself and you aren’t helping us. 
And the health consequences of slut shaming for straight women include increased risk of suicide, increased risk of sexual assault, unsafe sex and others. 
But guess what? Slut shaming in our community also has consequences for our individual mental and physical health, as well as the overall health and progress of our entire community.
Shaming someone else based off of their perceived sexual practices sets us back as a community. Stop doing it. 
Our new president and his entire administration are busy enough trying to set back the progress we’ve made, we don’t’ need to do it to each other. 
Have you been slut shamed? Have you been guilty of slut shaming? Let’s get the conversation going in the comments feel good family! 
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