The Daily Dose – Is exercise killing your libido? 

You are bombarded with the message every day. EXERCISE MORE! It’s great for your heart. It’s great for your brain. It’s great for your butt. But is too much if it bad for your sex drive?

Some new research is suggesting that maybe too much exercise is why we aren’t banging everyday like we want to be. But what is too much? And why might too much exercise be screwing with our … well … screwing?

The Daily Dose – Do your ball(s) hang low? 

Your testicles are quite the specimen of evolutionary technology. Yup, those fellas in your sack that usually get ignored save for high quality oral sex or high velocity impact.


You might think you know your boys pretty well. But did you know that one hangs lower than the other. And that one is actually bigger than the other? And it’s not usually the same testicle?

Granted, most of us don’t spend a ton of time staring at ourselves in the mirror completely naked. But I suggest you do just that today.

Usually after a nice hot shower is best. Stand in front of the mirror naked, bathroom door locked. Relax all your abdominal muscles. Let your gut hang out, and check our your family jewels in the mirror.

I’ll all but guarantee you that you’ll see one of your boys dippin’ lower than the other. And it’s more than likely the left one.


Check out today’s Daily Dose to learn exactly why and for another good excuse to play with ‘em!

The Daily Dose – Guess who’s having lots of sex and not using condoms? 

Condom sales and use are down BIG TIME for one very specific, very sexually active age group. And no one is able to pin down EXACTLY why. Advances in treatment of STDs and HIV? Laziness? Complacency? Anarchy?

I have my thoughts, but I really wanna know your thoughts feel good family. I break down this disturbing trend in today’s Daily Dose!

The Daily Dose – “I think I broke my penis bone!” 

Have you damaged your penis before? We have a member of the feel good family out there with a broken penis, show him some love in the comments! 
It’s LGBT Tuesday feel good family. And this question made me cringe and squirm and frankly… grab my genitalia.
“James, help! I think I broke my penis bone.”
 Oh. My. God. Ouch. 
Now we only got into a few of the details about what actually happened to this poor unfortunate soul. While he gave me permission to talk about this on the daily dose, he did ask that I leave out the specific details. Your wish is my command. 
First and foremost, if you are having sex, you hear a pop or a crack and you have a bend in your penis that $#@%&! hurts? GO TO THE ER RIGHT AWAY! 
This is a fantastic opportunity to talk a little bit about the anatomy of the penis. There are also some really interesting evolutionary anthropologic facts about the penis in our human ancestry.
For the record, there is no bone in your penis. But apparently we USED to have one. Archaeologists believe that our ancestors had bones in their number one appendage, but 1.9-ish million years ago said bone started to disappear because monogamy. The thought is that we really only needed to get our dick hard for long enough to have sex with one person at a time, for short amounts of time, therefore we didn’t need the aid of an actual bone. 
Clearly these archaeologists were unaware of my 20s. I digress …
Even though you don’t have a bone in your penis, you can still do some serious damage to your lil homie when it is erect. That damage can also be accompanied by a gut-wrenching cracking or popping sound, bruising, bleeding and can PERMANENTLY damage your bestie if not treated in time. I think I just got nauseous … 
I break down how you can damage your erect penis and what to do about it in today’s Daily Dose!