The Daily Dose – Do your ball(s) hang low? 

Your testicles are quite the specimen of evolutionary technology. Yup, those fellas in your sack that usually get ignored save for high quality oral sex or high velocity impact.


You might think you know your boys pretty well. But did you know that one hangs lower than the other. And that one is actually bigger than the other? And it’s not usually the same testicle?

Granted, most of us don’t spend a ton of time staring at ourselves in the mirror completely naked. But I suggest you do just that today.

Usually after a nice hot shower is best. Stand in front of the mirror naked, bathroom door locked. Relax all your abdominal muscles. Let your gut hang out, and check our your family jewels in the mirror.

I’ll all but guarantee you that you’ll see one of your boys dippin’ lower than the other. And it’s more than likely the left one.


Check out today’s Daily Dose to learn exactly why and for another good excuse to play with ‘em!

The Daily Dose – New laundry pod danger! 

The dangers of household items for our kids and pets is nothing new. But as technology and innovation for those everyday household products change, so do the dangers for our kids.

Laundry pods are a unique way to give you the perfect amount of detergent per load, are quick and easy to use, and in many ways cost effective. But they also pose a unique danger to your kids and pets!
Those colorful little pods look and smell just like candy to a kid or pet. And guess what? They are likely to gobble them up just like candy, too. BIG TIME DANGER!
But now some reports are saying pods are causing eye burns when they burst and get in your kid’s eye, potentially causing serious damage to their vision.
So what can you do if pods get in the eye of you, your kids, or your pets? I tell you how to act and who to call in today’s Daily Dose!