The Daily Dose – Is exercise killing your libido? 

You are bombarded with the message every day. EXERCISE MORE! It’s great for your heart. It’s great for your brain. It’s great for your butt. But is too much if it bad for your sex drive?

Some new research is suggesting that maybe too much exercise is why we aren’t banging everyday like we want to be. But what is too much? And why might too much exercise be screwing with our … well … screwing?

The Daily Dose – How you can fight the #1 killer of women 

The Daily Dose – Tomorrow is Nation Wear Red Day. I happen to love red and wear it all the time. But tomorrow it means MUCH more than just looking cute. It’s a day to recognize and bring awareness to heart disease in women.
Which happens to be the number one killer of women in the United States. And Mexico. And Abu Dhabi. And Nairobi. And India. And Kazakhstan. And …
Heart disease is the number one killer of everyone in the world. But for some reason, it’s much less “sexy” to talk about than other (also very deadly) conditions.
So even though you can find a video of me from October talking about how I’m not a fan of the “pinkification” of breast cancer for multiple reasons … I am a HUGE fan of bringing any sort of awareness we can to women and heart disease. So I’m wearing read tomorrow damnit!
Because all too often we under-treat and misdiagnose heart disease in women. Unfortunately, most of the research on heart disease, signs and symptoms, treatments, etc. has all been done in white men. It is only in the last 20 years that we have good (and improving) data about heart disease in women. 
Awareness is key, but action is even better. I break down steps you can take immediately to prevent the number one killer of women (and EVERYONE) in today’s Daily Dose!
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