The Daily Dose- An Aspirin a day now keeps the cancer away?

Aspirin has clear and proven benefits for reducing heart disease and stroke. In fact, you should keep some old school, uncoated aspirins with you at all times in case you or someone you know is having the big one. But now some scientists are suggesting that Aspirin may actually help prevent cancer, too. WTF?

The Daily Dose – F you cancer (and how to prevent it)

Saturday, February 4th is World Cancer Day. No, we aren’t celebrating cancer, we are bringing awareness and education as to how we can BEAT THIS FUCKER ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!
Because cancer fucking blows. Just ask anyone who has it. Or has had it. Or who’s family or friends or co-workers or dog or parakeet has had cancer. It’s relentless, unforgiving, and merciless. 
And it’s one of the leading causes of death in every single country in the world. 
It’s the opposite of Donald Trump in that it doesn’t care what religion, race, sexual orientation, economic status or number of Twitter followers you have. If it wants to get you, it’ll get you. 
Except, scientists are finding out maybe that’s not the case. We are learning some cancers may, indeed, be preventable. So how do we go about preventing cancer? 
I break it down for you in today’s Daily Dose.
And on days like World Cancer Day, I urge you to remember; people who have cancer are just that, PEOPLE. They are not their disease. So continue to treat all people with cancer, their families, and loved ones as fellow humans. 
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