The Daily Dose – Bob Harper had a heart attack … WTF?! 

OK, even though I know better… The second I heard that Bob Harper, the head trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, had a heart attack – I was like what the fuck!?

I’m sorry. But dude is crazy in shape. And he has spent an entire career helping other people get in shape and get healthy. How in the hell does this happen?

And coincidentally, several of you had the same question. I’ll tell you exactly how this could happen… In today’s daily dose!




Author: AskTheNP

I'm your personal Nurse Practitioner! Doesn't matter what your question is about health, you are gonna get a clear, easy-to-understand, no bullshit answer from me. We ALL have stuff we are too scared to ask our doctor, and guess what - now you don't have to. Just "Ask The NP" and I promise to keep it casual, keep it real and keep it all about YOU!

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