The Daily Dose – Can I get HIV from pre-cum? 

The Daily Dose – Happy Tuesday to ya!
More than 30 years after isolating the HIV virus and determining that it is responsible for AIDS, there is still so much contradicting information about HIV and AIDS.
If you dig deep into YouTube wasteland, you’ll actually find people still talking about contracting HIV from kissing. 
Yup, I kid you not. Ugh … But it’s for reasons like that why I do Ask The NP!!
So let’s get one HIV transmission rumor out of the way. Today’s LGBT Tuesday question: Can I get HIV from pre-cum? A somewhat confusing topic, but give me 3 minutes and I’ll make it crystal clear for you family! 
Though even some of what I learned in school has changed since I learned it just 7 years ago. Just like the HIV virus changes and evolves in the body, so does our knowledge of how it mutates, transmits, kills and in some very rare cases … even disappears. 
Check out the vlog above and as always, I LOVE hearing from the family about this and all those questions you might be too scared to ask your doctor! 
HIV Transmission and Risks (Poz Magazine)
Confused About HIV transmission statistics (Go Ask Alice!)
Pre-cum and HIV: Is It A Risk? (EndHiv.Org.Au)

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