The Daily Dose – Are we over diagnosing ADHD?  

The Daily Dose – We are diagnosing more kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) more than we ever have before. In fact, 6.4 million kids age 4-17 now carry the diagnosis.

But the research point out that we might be over-diagnosis this disorder is mounting, including a new study released today. 

So have aggressively treating a pediatric mental health disorder that was previously grossly under treated? Or are we just throwing pills to calm down kids who are just “being kids?”

More and more we live in an environment where everyone just wants a pill to make it all better. Does that include a pill to make parenting easier, too?

Yup – I said it. 

But I want to hear from you! Do your kids have ADHD? Do you treat them with medication? Do you agree this is an epidemic of mental health or an epidemic of bad parenting? 

Let’s get the conversation going in the comments feel good family! 

ADHD: Younger children ‘may be overdiagnosed’ (Medical News Today)

7 Signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Healthline)

The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic (Time)

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