The Daily Dose Bottom shaming. 

The Daily Dose –Bottom shaming. It happens in so many ways and in so many situations, and I’ll bet you didn’t even realize it was going on. 

But why in the hell do we do it? The majority of self-identified gay man identify as either bottom or versatile. Yet we are so quick to put down “bottoms” (pun intended.) 

Is this about power? Control? Societal norms of gender roles? Femininity? Masculinity? Co-signing roles that straight people want to give us?

All of the above?

I want to know what you think family. Let’s get the conversation started in the comments below… there ain’t nothing good about perpetuating bottom shaming in our community and we need to figure out a way to make it stop. 


Bottom shaming: Yes it’s a thing and it needs to stop (Elite Daily)

Op-Ed: It’s time to end bottom-shaming (The Advocate)
Gay Men and Bottom Shaming

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