You want one of the best workouts for just about everything? #Internationalyogaday

Your Daily Dose – Forget #nationalselfieday, get a little deeper, literally and figuratively, for #InternationalYogaDay! 
And to you true #yogis out there, my sincerest apologies for the not-so-perfect form. But that’s the best part about #yoga, it’s for everyone! 

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#yogaday #namaste #iloveyoga #fitness #focus 

Author: AskTheNP

I'm your personal Nurse Practitioner! Doesn't matter what your question is about health, you are gonna get a clear, easy-to-understand, no bullshit answer from me. We ALL have stuff we are too scared to ask our doctor, and guess what - now you don't have to. Just "Ask The NP" and I promise to keep it casual, keep it real and keep it all about YOU!

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